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The Functional Neuroarticular System (FNAS), designed exclusively for clinicians seeking to master manual therapies and clinical approaches rooted in neuroscience. With each passing month, we'll unveil a new module that delves deeper into the fascinating realm of pain and movement rehabilitation.

Explore the Realm of Neuroarticular Techniques:
Discover an extensive range of techniques that target not only the musculoskeletal system but also the nervous system, the vascular system, and the lymphatic system. Our curriculum covers a diverse array of techniques, including direct nerve manipulation, vascular manipulation, lymphatic techniques, joint mobilization, neurodynamics, and much more.

A Module-Based Approach
We've structured our program in monthly modules, allowing you to absorb the knowledge and apply it effectively. With each module, you'll gain practical tools, hands-on techniques, and rehabilitation exercises that empower you to excel in pain management and movement rehabilitation.



Explore the vast realm of the vagus nerve, its roles in health and disease, and therapeutic applications. Derived from the latest research, case studies, and expert perspectives, this course illuminates the diverse functions of the vagus nerve for professionals, educators, and holistic health enthusiasts.


- Neuroanatomy Deep Dive: Grasp the vagus nerve's structure, nuclei, and its parasympathetic integration.
- Physiological Roles: Explore its influence on heart rate, digestion, respiration, and voice.
- Neurological Links: Study its connections with conditions like epilepsy, migraine, and more.
- Therapeutic Innovations: Uncover treatments like auricular vagus nerve stimulation and specific parameters.
- Anti-inflammatory Pathways: Delve into the vagus nerve's role in inflammation and immunity.
- Holistic Techniques: Practical exercises and methods to activate the vagus nerve.
- Clinical Approaches: Learn to examine the vagus nerve's function, movement, and possible compression areas.
- Focus on Disorders: Investigate its associations with Ehlers-Danlos, dysautonomia, POTS, and other conditions.

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  • Clinical Companion to the Vagus Nerve

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After you have paid your subscription fee, you will have access to the education platform programs. 

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