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Functional Neuroarticular System

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Welcome to the Emrys Goldsworthy's groundbreaking course, the Functional Neuroarticular System (FNAS), designed exclusively for clinicians seeking to master manual therapies and clinical approaches rooted in neuroscience. With each passing month, we'll unveil a new module that delves deeper into the fascinating realm of pain and movement rehabilitation. Explore the Realm of Neuroarticular Techniques: Discover an extensive range of techniques that target not only the musculoskeletal system but also the nervous system, the vascular system, and the lymphatic system. Our curriculum covers direct nerve manipulation and rehabilitative exercises to address underlying pain mechanisms. This method can be expanded as the techniques serve as locating method for usage with shockwave therapy, vibration therapy, dry needling, cupping and low level laser therapy. A Module-Based Approach We've structured our program in monthly modules, allowing you to absorb the knowledge and apply it effectively. With each module, you'll gain practical tools, hands-on techniques, and rehabilitation exercises that empower you to excel in pain management and movement rehabilitation.

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Functional Neuroarticular System, $22.00/month

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Functional Neuroarticular System

Functional Neuroarticular System

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