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Back pain treatment Brisbane

About Emrys

Emrys has been an educator and clinician for more than 16 years. He held the position of Senior Lecturer over the Myotherapy and Musculoskeletal Therapy program at the Endeavour College of Natural Health for 9 years along with writing and presenting his own courses on therapeutics and rehabilitation. He has presented for Astir Australia on the topic of low level laser and shockwave therapy. His particular focus is on the treatment of the nervous system with a special interest in the Vagus nerve.

Emrys is a pioneer in holistic healthcare, having developed a distinctive method of treatment known as the Functional Neuroarticular System (FNAS). This innovative approach places the nervous system at the forefront, offering relief for various pain states and addressing numerous health conditions. Alongside FNAS, Emrys has also introduced the Goldsworthy Method of Vagus Nerve Treatment. His expertise in this area is further showcased in his authored work, "The Vagus Nerve: Unleashing the Body's Secret Weapon Against Disease." Distinctly different from many conventional methods, Emrys' approach offers groundbreaking solutions to chronic diseases.

Emrys has been at the forefront of a transformative movement in healthcare known as The Terrain Paradigm which seeks not only to reevaluate the origins of disease but also to rethink the foundational sciences, including human biology and biochemistry, that form the bedrock of modern medicine. Key tenets of The Terrain Paradigm encompass a recognition of the nervous system's overarching control of bodily functions, the body's intrinsic use of light for communication and energy, and a reimagining of toxins as primary culprits behind conditions previously attributed to infection, neurodegeneration, cardiovascular issues, or autoimmunity.

Beyond his healthcare pursuits, Emrys boasts a rich tapestry of interests. A connoisseur of both classical and contemporary ballet, he holds the esteemed position of Artistic Director and Choreographer for the Brisbane-based Ballet Infinity. Additionally, Emrys emphasizing the significance of clean air, water, and food. He is a fervent believer in the age-old adage: let food be thy medicine.

Emrys Goldsworthy
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