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Sat, 24 Aug


Burleigh Heads

Vagus Nerve Healing: Overcoming Long COVID and Chronic Fatigue

Learn how to boost your energy levels and heal from chronic fatigue and Long COVID by harnessing the power of Vagus Nerve at our event!

Vagus Nerve Healing: Overcoming Long COVID and Chronic Fatigue
Vagus Nerve Healing: Overcoming Long COVID and Chronic Fatigue

Time & Location

24 Aug 2024, 4:00 pm – 6:30 pm AEST

Burleigh Heads, Park Ave, Burleigh Heads QLD 4200, Australia

About the event


1. Welcome and Introduction

- Brief overview of the event

2. Defining Chronic Fatigue and Long COVID

- Symptoms and impact on daily life

- Diagnostic criteria and challenges

3. Can We Trust the Mainstream Perspective on These Conditions?

- Examination of current medical viewpoints

- Discussion on potential biases and limitations

4. What They’re Not Telling Us About These Conditions

- Uncovering lesser-known facts and research

- Insights into hidden factors contributing to these conditions

5. Shifting from the Germ Theory Model to Explain Such Conditions

- Introduction to alternative models of understanding chronic fatigue and long COVID

- How these models provide a new perspective on healing

6. New Hope in Resolving These Conditions by Healing the Vagus Nerve and Nervous System

- Role of the vagus nerve in health and recovery

- Evidence supporting vagus nerve healing as a treatment approach

7. At-Home Applications to Help Resolve Vagus Nerve Damage

- Practical tips and techniques for stimulating and healing the vagus nerve

- Lifestyle changes and habits to support nervous system health

8. When You Might Need to Consult with a Vagus Nerve Specialist

- Identifying signs that professional help is needed

- What to expect from a specialist consultation

9. Questions and Answers with Emrys Goldsworthy and Sam Minkin

- Open floor for audience questions

- Expert insights and personalized advice

10. Closing Remarks

- Summary of key points discussed

- Encouragement and resources for continued healing

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